Finally, a company that understands the value of the relationships you have built.

We are looking for motivated partners, driven to success, who enjoy unlimited opportunities for compensation. Doing business with us is a win-win-win for you, your customers, and Verve.



of new orders being successfully installed and are dedicated to our Partners’ success and Client excellence.

A Proven Track Record

You will receive a dedicated Channel Manager ready to help you price, present and support the sale. Once the sale is complete, your client will receive a dedicated Project Manager to ensure the installation is successful. Our team of Client Service Managers and Technical Support will continue to support your clients with their needs.

We offer a full suite of UCaaS, Business Internet and Cloud-Communication services, Nationwide.

When you partner with Verve, here is what you will receive:

- Partner Portal
- Dedicated Channel Manager
- Industry-leading compensation packages
- Competitive Pricing
- SPIFS/Accelerators
- 100% Channel Sales – we will not sell against you!


Channel partners who generate $20,000 or more in new MRR during the 2024 calendar year will be eligible for Verve’s Elite Partner Status.

Eligible members will receive their award in Q1 2025.



Gold Level Partners minimum requirement is producing $20,000 in new MRR. Gold Level Elite Partners will receive a $5,000 award.


Platinum Level Partners minimum requirement is producing $30,000 in new MRR. Platinum Level Elite Partners will receive a $10,000 award.

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